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Eaton Drilling
DRILLING Service Eaton Drilling has perfected its drilling and construction procedures to optimize wells for production and longevity. By providing all phases of well design and construction in-house, we can better assure our customers that their wells will be completed...View more.
Eaton Pumps
DRILLING Service Eaton Pumps Sales & Service, through our strong association with Eaton Drilling Co., Inc., provides customers superior service by drawing upon a thorough understanding of water well operation. Many factors affect operation of....View more.
Eaton Machine
DRILLING Service Eaton Pumps relies on the extensive precision machining services of Eaton Machine to fabricate discharge piping, retool and reassemble pump bowls and produce most other custom pump system components. Eaton Machine also....View more.
Eaton Fabrication
DRILLING Service Drilling rigs, derricks, draw works, drill pipe, drill bits, air compressors, mud pumps and a myriad of peripheral support equipment must perform effectively and reliably under the perpetually strenuous....View more.
Well Swage
DRILLING Service Water wells exist in subsurface environments that threaten them. Corrosion and encrustation, erosion and subsidence are all processes that act against a well’s structural integrity and full production capacity....View more.
Eaton Excavation
DRILLING Service Eaton Excavating & Grading performs site preparation work for Eaton Pumps and Eaton Drilling. Services offered by EE&G extend beyond site excavation for pump stations and water wells however; we meet the needs of agricultural, commercial, municipal and resi....View more.



Since 1928, Eaton Drilling has pioneered new methods to improve the quality and efficiency of our wells to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Today each of the five subsidiary companies: Eaton Pumps, Eaton Fabrication, Eaton Machine, Eaton Well Swage services and Eaton Excavation & Grading offer the same creativity, ingenuity and customer satisfaction that has come to define Eaton Drilling for nearly 90 years. Eaton Drilling Co., Inc. provides services at the earliest stages of the groundwater production process. These include: Exploratory Drilling and geophysical analysis, site-specific well design and construction of water wells to accommodate agricultural, domestic, municipal and research needs.


Eaton companies hold licenses as Class A General Contractor, C-57 Well Drilling and C-61 Specialty services in California, Nevada and Oregon. Our equipment conforms to current air quality standards.


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